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* The FCA does not regulate some forms of Inheritance tax planning

** Equity release includes home reversion plans and lifetime mortgages. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration. You can choose how we are paid for Equity Release advice: pay a fee, usually £995, or we can accept commission from the Lender.

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When you decide to take pension benefits, you often buy an income for the rest of your life which is called an annuity. Buying an annuity is an ultimate decision and you cannot change your mind.

The Financial Conduct Authority and specialist annuity companies are concerned that people at retirement are not getting the best annuity possible, and are not being advised by the company that better annuities could be obtained by transferring to a specialist provider- called exercising the Open Market Option (OMO).

If you have already received a quote we will be happy to tell you if it is competitive – this service is free and you are under no obligation to proceed thereafter.

Old Pensions

  • Are your existing pension plans (active or preserved) achieving the best results for you?
  • Do you have a pension with a previous employer and are you unsure what it is worth or what your options are?

If you have a policy, either preserved or into which you are still contributing, with any of the following companies, we would strongly recommend a review to see whether your pension is working hard enough for you. Here are just a few of the companies where we strongly recommend a review.

Abbey Life, Alba Life, Barclays Life,Black Horse Life, Britannia Life, Canade Life, CIS, Colonial Mutual, HSBC Life, London Life, National Mutual, Pearl, Phoenix, Refuge, Royal Sun Alliance, Scottish Mutual, Scottish Provident, Sun Life of Canada, Target Life, Winterthur Life.

SIPPS and Property Purchase

Property Purchase through a pension scheme is a very tax efficient way of buying commercial property.

This can be done either in a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension Plan) or SSAS (Small Self Administered Pension scheme) A SIPP is a personal pension scheme open to all people. A SSAS is a pension trust set up by a company, typically for the benefit of controlling directors and their families.

For both types of scheme, rent from the property is free of income tax, and capital appreciation of the property is free from capital gains tax.

SSAS can make a loan of up to 50% of the net fund value to its sponsoring company for the purchase of a property, which is an excellent feature.

HMRC does not list properties allowed in SIPPs/SSAS. Instead, it defines properties that would attract taxes, in practice, residential properties and tangible movable assets.

There are many more SIPP providers than SSAS providers. Some have vast experience of property purchase, some have not.

As experienced advisers in property purchase, we will go through with you the pros and cons of purchasing with your pension fund, purchasing as individuals, or a mixture of the two.

Pensions Simplification

‘A’ Day (Appointed day) happened on 6th April 2006 and brought with it some major changes for all pension plans – whether occupational or personal.

There are now just one set of tax rules for all types of pension, with an individual Lifetime Allowance (£1.5 million – 2013/14) and an individual Annual Allowance (£50,000 – 2013/14). These limits may increase each year (Please ask for the specific yearly limits). All individuals will be able to fund up to these new attractive limits. Schemes already in existence before this date will need to update their rules to allow some of the new flexibilities.

Exceeding the limits will simply trigger a tax charge.

The ‘A’ Day rules made the majority of pensions much simpler and there could be a number of key advantages

  • Pensions are much easier to understand.
  • Most customers now have greater flexibility in the size and timing of their contributions.

There will also be a number of other changes including:-

  • Early retirement age is 55 for 2013/14 tax year
  • Full concurrency (i.e. being able to pay into any array of plans you wish), subject to the annual allowance
  • Wide investment flexibility
  • Up to 25% Tax Free Cash will be available from the majority of pension schemes.
  • The ability to commute a ‘small’ fund as a one off lump sum as opposed to having to draw a regular income
  • Flexible options at retirement when deciding to take benefits
  • No need to ‘have to’ secure benefits at age 75 via an annuity

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